Equitable Pricing Strategy


At Bannister Buick GMC Ltd we price our pre-owned inventory up to 25% below retail market price. We call this our “Equitable Pricing Strategy.”


After multiple years of studying and analyzing customer transaction in the pre-owned market we have found that pricing our used inventory more aggressively than our competitors, with less margin actually resulted in a more profitable situation for us and better deals for our customers. Our “Equitable Pricing Strategy” works. Even though we sell our vehicles at less than market value and make less per individual transaction we are able to turn our inventory up to 16 times faster than industry average. This means we see more return on our overall inventory investments. Having the best priced pre-owned inventory in the market place increases the amount of customer leads we get from online which results in increased sales which results in faster turning inventory which results in even better deals for our customers.

Our “Equitable Pricing Strategy” is the definition of a “WIN WIN” deal!