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gm incentives; gm business choice

GM Business Choice is an incentive program designed specifically for small business owners like you. It offers valuable options to help offset the cost of getting your new GM vehicles work-ready. Even with just a simple registered current GST number, several after tax credits may apply to a purchase on select current model year GM vehicles.



Here are a few reasons to consider this program:


    Flexibility to choose:

  • Not only is there a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, the program is designed to give you the greatest flexibility by providing valuable upfit and card options.

    Solutions designed for you:

  • Each option available offers a solution to improve business efficiencies and aid you in the cost of vehicle ownership.

    Outstanding partners:

  • Business Choice has a history of being one of the strongest programs of its kind in the industry and features excellent partner relationships with Adrian Steel, and GM Accessories.

   Easy to use

  • As a qualified customer (see program details), purchase an eligible model during the program period and simply pick the 'no cost' option that suits your needs. It's that easy!


Available with new eligible vehicles, the Business Choice program offers three different incentive packages to choose from at no extra cost to you! All you have to do is choose the available option that best fits your daily business needs.


You can choose from:

OPTION B: $700 Commercial Upfit Cash Back

OPTION C: $750 in GM Dealer Accessories

OPTION D: $500 Cash Incentive

*Three distinct options available. One per vehicle may be selected.