kelowna airport parking


Our airport service provides our customers with a means of dropping your vehicle in our designated reserved parking spots while you are away on your business or personal trip. This will save you on short term or long-term parking lot fees and allow us to have your vehicle repaired and maintained while you are away. We have created a convenient time and money saving service exclusive to our Bannister customers!

The staff at the Short-Term parking attendant kiosk will secure your keys for one of our team members. We then pick up your vehicle and bring it to the dealership; it is then serviced and stored here until your arrival day. On the day you arrive, we return it to our reserved stalls and deliver the keys back to the Short-Term Parking attendant for your return. This is a free service to our in-warranty Bannister sold Cadillac customers and a $50 fee to the rest of our Bannister customers. Please schedule this with our Service Coordinator or Service Manager.


We have two designated, clearly marked parking stalls at the far Northeast end near the exit kiosk in short term parking. In order to book a reservation, you will need to speak with our Appointment Coordinator or Service Manager at the dealership by phone or email. We recommend booking two weeks in advance to guarantee availability. Simply email or call 250-860-7700 and ask for service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The dates and times of your departure and arrival.
  2. What maintenance and repairs you will be needing on your vehicle. Minimum of an oil change and Multi-point Inspection.
  3. We also require a credit card number on file to process your repair costs and service fee before returning your vehicle back to the airport.
  1. Make sure all valuables and personal items are removed before leaving the vehicle at the airport. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items while the vehicle is in our possession or at the airport.
  2. Park your vehicle in the short-term parking lot in one of the two Bannister marked parking spots. Make sure your vehicle is locked.
  3. Leave your parking ticket on the dash for us.
  4. Leave your keys with the short-term parking attendant for one of our team member to collect later.
  5. Enjoy your trip!
  1. Pick up your keys from the short-term parking lot attendant.
  2. Locate your vehicle in one of the two Bannister parking spots.
  3. There will be a stamped parking ticket on the dash for you to leave the short-term parking lot at no cost to you.
  4. Your service invoice will be left inside the vehicle for your records.
  5. Thanks for using our Exclusive Premium Airport Service!